About M.A.M

«To the next generation we pass not blood, but ideas. And the most precious of ideas for me is the Armenian language. Thus, each generation must teach Armenian language to the next»

Victor Hambardzumyan

What does it take to be Armenian?

We believe it takes a conscious decision to stay Armenian anywhere, never abandon your roots and always keep that small piece of the world in your heart and mind.

It is on our blood, passed from parents to their children in a never-ending spiral of succession and memory.

Embracing the strength and the struggle, the history, the memories – both painful and happy. The family, the heritage, the language.

Most importantly – language. Because words matter.

A single word can mean many things: the way it’s pronounced, the tone, the implication, the ability to understand the context and the nuances. One has to KNOW to fathom.

Our idea to create «M.A.M educational movement» came from the realization that Armenian language plays a critical role in our national self-identification and preservation of our culture.

To be Armenian also means to teach. We are, after all, a nation of scholars, determined to preserve and pass knowledge at all cost. We are the descendants of philosophers and writers, of women that rescued books.

And so M.A.M teaches. Through carefully curated educational programs, we want to teach next generation of Armenians around the world to speak, to write, but also to recognize and love Armenian heritage, culture and traditions.

Our programs contain courses with several levels of complexity evolving around Armenian language and history, presented interactively in real time, creating immersive real classroom feel for the students.

To be Armenian means to preserve our identity, protect our children and remember our way home.

Staying Armenian is our true mission. Because we believe that to know your language is to know who you are and where you belong.
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